William coventry granddaughter's Amelia, Margaret and Mary married John Smith's Sons Thomas, Isaac and David .

On 26 May 1829 William Coventry was tried at the Supreme Court Hobart with several others for stealing three bullocks, the property of the late Daniel Stanfield, found guilty and sentenced on 20 October 1829 to seven years at Macquarie Harbour. Macquarie Harbour On 3 September 1830 he absconded from Macquarie Harbour with five others, two of whom were later captured and executed in Hobart on 5 August 1831. These two men, Edward Broughton and Matthew Macavoy, confessed to the murder and cannibalism of their companions, Hutchinson, William Coventry and Fagan. After he absconded, Coventry's description was published in the Hobart Town Gazette on 1 January 1831: "William Coventry, 5 feet 3, hair brown to grey, brown eyes, age 51, a farmers labourer, tried at Hobart Town in May 1829, sentenced 7 years, per Atlas to Sydney and Lady Nelson to this colony, native of the county of Donnegal, Ireland, absconded from Macquarie Harbour, September 3 1830. Reward 2 pounds." From Lyn Gillam report in the Courier after Broughton and MacAvoys executions: ?The five convicts commenced their escape ?with the most murderous feeling, jealous of the possession of the only axe which they carried amongst them, lest one should drive it into the head of the other, for that was their mode of slaughter upon one another while the wretched victim was asleep. As soon as their provisions were exhausted, the other four agreed to kill Hutchinson and eat his body to sustain them. Drawing lots, the role of executioner fell to Broughton. They cut the body into pieces and carried it with them, leaving behind the hands, feet, head and intestines. When the flesh was nearly all consumed, a general alarm seized the party, and great jealousy prevailed about carrying the axe. They scarcely dared to close their eyes or to doze off. William Coventry was killed next: ... he was cutting wood one night and we agreed in the mean time to kill him. Macavoy and Fagan wanted to draw lots again who should kill him, but I said no ? I had already killed one man, and they ought to do it between them, that they might be in the same trouble as me. Fagan struck him the first blow. He saw him coming and called out for mercy ? he struck him on the head, just above the eye, but did not kill him, myself and Macavoy finished him and cut him to pieces. We ate greedily of the flesh, never sparing it, just as if we had expected to meet a whole bullock next day Fagan met a similar fate shortly after.